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"Perry you did a wonderful Job(s) - In saying that, I'm only echoing the Audience's response to your work...At last, the perfect actor to play Munoz - All I  had to do is wait!"  Larry Gelbart

"Perry is an exciting performer, just terrific!!"   Martin Landau

"Perry definitely has a big future in this business!" Steve Lawrence
"I loved his show! Perry is a talented guy with a ton of class, and coming from me .... that's a lot!"  Roseanne

"He sings, he dances, does stand-up comedy and all the rest that comes with being a star.
I don't know about you, but I'll buy a ticket!" Al Viola, Guitarist for Frank Sinatra

"In our ten years of doing benefits, the entertainment presented by Perry Lambert
has been the most exciting and outstanding performance..." Axios

"You can quote me, along with being a heck of a singer, Perry is a wonderful
performer and you know I don't lie, my friend!"  Page Cavanaugh
Here's what some famous personalities have said about Perry...
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